How It Works

Influencer Bridge offers influencers a place to get started in YouTube, podcast, and Instagram advertising, while allowing them maximum flexibility as they build out their own brand. As an influencer, you get to choose from leading advertisers’ offers in order to monetize your content. You then promote the advertiser in your own way, with the goal of driving your audience to the advertiser’s site in exchange for a commission on each lead, and generate income as your audience engages.

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Influencer Bridge offers a self-service, flexible platform where influencers can take control of their sponsorship efforts.

Applying to our influencer program is easy. Once you’re accepted, you’ll have access to our roster of advertisers and be able to get started.

Get set up with everything you’ll need.

First, you pick from our list of advertisers. We only partner with strong brands, limiting the number of advertisers per category, so you can be confident you’ll be promoting quality advertisers.

Then you set up a unique URL of your choice for each advertiser, which will allow us to track traffic without requiring users to click on a link.

We provide everything you need to facilitate the relationship with the advertiser, from brand talking points to real-time reporting on clicks and conversions. You’ll also get access to our support team, who are to help you with any questions or needs.

Get paid when your audience engages.

Once you’re all set up, all that’s left to do is to begin promoting our advertisers—now your advertisers. We ensure our advertisers offer highly competitive commission rates and we send payments to influencers monthly.

Our Partnerships = Your Success


“Since using Veritone One’s Influencer Bridge platform, I have been able to significantly increase my advertising revenue from my podcast. And now, I even have brands coming directly to me, asking to advertise. Instead of focusing on making money, I can focus on creating great content and growing my podcast and audience even more.”

Guy Macpherson, Ph.D. and host of The Trauma Therapist

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