How It Works

Influencer Bridge brings you thousands of host-driven podcast, YouTube, and Instagram advertising opportunities on a strict pay-per-performance model. Our influencer program was developed to meet the needs of an ever-evolving advertising landscape and allow brands to advertise with influencers of all experience levels strictly on a performance basis. Influencers mobilize their unique audience to engage with your brand—and you pay only when you get results.

Establish your CTA and your CPA.

With Influencer Bridge, you set the parameters of your success. Determine your Call to Action and Cost Per Action by establishing the action you want consumers to perform—how you measure conversion—along with a price point you are willing to pay for that action to be carried out.

Set up for success.

Utilizing unique vanity URLs, hosts can easily deliver a custom CTA for optimal tracking and attribution. On your end, setup is never more than a simple tag on your checkout page to accurately track conversion down to the influencer level.

Leave the rest to us.

Influencer Bridge manages, monitors, and reports on all placement activity; the process is completely turnkey. We’ll provide real-time tracking and reporting to you and the influencer and provide any support you need as your partnership grows.

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Seek out incremental customers in a new way by testing podcast, YouTube, and Instagram opportunities strictly on a performance basis. Contact us to get started.

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