Looking for Advertisers for your Podcast, YouTube Channel or Instagram?  Influencer Bridge can help you find leading Advertisers to promote in your show.  

What is Influencer Bridge? 

Influencer Bridge is a platform through which Influencers can coordinate YouTube, podcast and Instagram advertising for their shows. Influencers choose from leading Advertisers’ offers to help monetize their content by promoting quality brands within their show.  We offer a self-service, flexible platform where Influencers can take control of their sponsorship efforts.

Influencer Bridge is Performance Bridge’s Influencer referral program.  We connect the concept of performance based marketing with the host driven podcast, YouTube and Instagram programming world. Hosts of podcasts, YouTube channels and other Influencer avenues can actively promote an advertiser within their show, with the goal of driving their audience to the advertiser’s site in exchange for a commission on the sale or lead.

Why Influencer Bridge? 

Performance Bridge currently operates podcast and influencer marketing programs with thousands of influencers across well over a dozen Advertisers.  In doing so, we have built mutually beneficial relationships between the advertisers and the influencers.  Advertisers frequently ask us, “How can I get additional Influencers to promote us?” which prompted the creation of Influencer Bridge.  We tie quality brands with handpicked personalities to help create revenue opportunities for Influencers while simultaneously benefiting the promoted advertisers. 

Turnkey Solution

Influencer Bridge has been built as the place to get started in YouTube, podcast and Instagram advertising, while offering plenty of flexibility to Influencers.  We only welcome in strong brands and limit the number of Advertisers per category, so the Influencer knows that they will be promoting quality Advertisers.  Our streamlined platform makes the process of promoting Advertisers easy as well.  Our tools enable the Influencer to create a Unique URL ending of their choice for each advertiser, which allows a way to track traffic without forcing users to click on a link.  In addition, we provide other necessary tools to assist in the Influencers’ promotions such as talking points, real time reporting on clicks and conversions, and access to our support team who will help with any questions or needs.  Not to mention the fact that we make sure our Advertisers offer highly competitive commission rates and we send payments to Influencers monthly.

What is Necessary to Launch? 

All the Influencer has to do is apply to the program and upon acceptance they will have access to join the various programs.  What’s left for the Influencer to do is set up their Unique URLs for the programs and begin promoting our Advertisers.