What is Influencer Bridge? 

Influencer Bridge is Performance Bridge Media’s Influencer referral program that allows brands to advertiser on Podcast and host driven YouTube shows on a performance basis.  We connect the concept of affiliate marketing with the host driven Podcast & YouTube world. Hosts of podcasts, YouTube channels and other Influencer avenues actively promote Advertisers within their show, with the goal of driving their audience to the Advertiser’s site in exchange for a commission on the sale or lead.

Influencer Bridge is the central location to find Podcast & YouTube hosts that will advertise your brand on a performance basis. Influencer Bridge is a great way to find out how effective Podcast advertising & YouTube advertising can be for you.

Why Influencer Bridge? 

Performance Bridge Media currently operates podcast and influencer advertising programs with thousands of Influencers across well over a dozen brands.  In doing so, we have built mutually beneficial relationships between the Advertisers and the Influencers.  The single most asked question by Influencers is, “How can I promote additional Advertisers?”, which was the genesis of Influencer Bridge – tying quality brands with quality personalities to drive awareness and sales for advertisers while simultaneously creating the opportunity for Influencers to generate income.

Turnkey Solution

Influencer Bridge has been built so that it is completely turnkey – Performance Bridge manages, monitors and reports on all activity, the Advertiser does not need to staff or manage the program.   Additionally, Influencer Bridge brings a key ingredient for success within the Podcast & YouTube channels – a way to track without forcing users to click on a link.  Utilizing unique vanity URL’s for each Advertiser, hosts can easily voice or show vanity URL’s for far better tracking, measurement and attribution.

What is Necessary to Launch? 

There are various ways to implement the program, but it is typically as simple as the implementation of a tag on your checkout page so we can track conversion activity in the system and selecting the action you want consumers to perform, along with a price point you are willing to pay for that action.   Influencer Bridge provides the real-time tracking and reporting to both the Advertiser and the Influencer.

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